What If Your Order In The El Rincon Carrollton Mexican Grill Dinner?

If you’re eating out with the El Rincon Carrollton Mexican Grill Restaurant, there is a big decision prior to you. You need to choose which dish — or dishes — you need to order.

With so many scrumptious choices on the menu, it could be hard to pick just one single meal. Having said that, you undoubtedly can’t get it wrong with one of these choices:


Carne Asada

It is a very well liked Mexican dish, however it is particularly good if you order it from your El Rincon Carrollton Mexican Grill Restaurant. They have got genuinely found ways to get this traditional meal stand out.

Tres Baja Shrimp Tacos

The mixture of shrimp and tacos simply can’t be beat. If you’re keen on tacos and fresh seafood, then you definitely will certainly would like to order this dish next time which you dine out.


There are numerous different kinds of fajitas around the menu here, and all of them is absolutely excellent. The shrimp and beef fajitas are specifically popular with regulars.


These flautas, which can be prepared with chicken, are totally mouthwatering. The spicy Mexican rice they are served with can also be extremely delicious.


Seafood Romaine Salad

If you are dieting, but they are still looking for a meal you can experience, this salad should fit the bill nicely.

Once you’ve got found the meal you want to acquire, it is possible to top it well with a shot of tequila or possibly a margarita! You may also check out the plenty of dessert menu.

No matter what you find yourself ordering, you will be thrilled with the choice. The meal here is literally great.


Chimichongas are the favourite meal of superhero Deadpool, and are generally also one of the more popular dishes around the El Rincon menu.